Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Day 25: Shebby

Dear Shelby,

Thank you. 

Sheb, sweet Shebby, I love you. You are incredible. Thank you for calling me and catching me up on all the great and crazy things going on in your life. I miss laying on the couches in your apartment watching Firefly or Supernatural and talking about God and boys and life and the future. You are one of those rare beautiful people who I can be 100% honest with about anything and everything and I don't have to worry about you thinking I'm crazy or shallow (we both know in crazy anyway). 

I love that even if we don't get to talk all the time, the minute we start talking, it's like we are just keeping a long conversation alive. Like no time has passed. Thank you for your prayers, kindness, laughter, and love.

Thank you also for being such a fantastic inspiration. I'm so proud of you for working so hard to take better care of yourself. You've always been gorgeous, Sheb, but you seem so much happier now that you're healthier. You look fantastic, and you inspire me to keep trying to be healthier. Thank you for encouraging me in this. :)

I love you, little sister. You're still my best fan. 

Thank you. 


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