Thursday, August 5, 2010

And We Rebuild the Walls

Tonight I feel inside out.
Like time stood still
and my life ran out
I'm not bleeding
But something's just not right
All I can do is sing along
"I'm sh-sh-shakin'"
Because it seems to be the truth

The irony is,
I was trying to protect myself from you
Too good to be true
Always too good to be true
But I was going to throw caution to the wind
I was going to be brave
Things were going to change

How can a girl resist such obvious honesty?
The transparency of your answers
the kindness in your eyes
the intensity of your passion
and the strength of your heart?
At least I couldn't

Maybe I'll adopt a different kind of bravery
The quiet kind that no one needs to know
I'll put on a kind face
I'll use my good hands
Make your life better so you can find a place to stand
Maybe I'll break your heart with my goodness

Perhaps I'll just break mine

And though I was coming out of my shell
Thinking I'd explore the world with my new eyes
I'm beginning to think I'll just take a new path
A quiet one
Pretend I never had such wild, happy aspirations
And forget the dreams I saw in front of my eyes
each and every time they closed

The gates were open
Change had come
But no.

And we rebuild the walls.