Thursday, November 3, 2016

Water Under the Bridge

Today has been one of those days where I try to prove myself to be courageous and honest and kind.  All the things that I want to be.  It's felt like I've been failing pretty viciously today, but I'm less than two hours from the end of this day.  Tomorrow will be a brighter day.

Favorite things of this very moment (10:21 PM CST):

  • Old songs with renewed meanings (Ex: The Wedding EP by The Wedding)
  • One of my best friends telling me that at least we knew I was doing the right thing
  • Knowing someone thinks I'm beautiful and letting that actually permeate my brain
  • Scrub pants (the kind I can't wear to work because they too easily want to fall off, but are so ridiculously comfy that I have to sleep in them)
  • Metallic markers
  • The reality that we're less than a week out from the end of this awful presidential election and then it will be done and maybe we can move on to the next thing
  • That things are starting to move along with Maggie's case and there is hope that justice will be served for her and Amos both
  • Hypoallergenic earrings that seem to be helping my ears out a lot
  • That my body seems to be actually responding to new medications
  • Chocolate