Thursday, September 27, 2018

Happy Birthday, Baby

My Love,
Today is your birthday. I hope I’ve helped make this day something good. Even though it’s your birthday, I am feeling like I’m the one receiving the gift. You’re sleeping next to me, and all I can think about is how lucky I am that I have you. In just 16 days, I get to marry you. Each day you tell me you love me, and each time it blows me away. I cherish these days. Even on the craziest days (and whenever I get around to dishes), I love and adore you. 

I am grateful for the past two years, and I cannot wait to spend the rest of my years by your side. Whatever’s coming will come and we, like Hagrid says, will meet it when it comes. I will choose you each day. 

Happy birthday, my heart. You have all my love. 

Forever yours,

Saturday, September 8, 2018

A Catch Up

I feel overwhelmed. 

Close friends just had their second child after going through several miscarriages, and their baby girl is beautiful. Hello, new niece.  Thank you, God. 

My youngest brother and his beautiful wife are going to be having their first baby in about 2 more months. I’m ecstatic. I can’t wait to hold my nephew and watch him grow. I’m already in love with this child. 

One of my best friends and her sweet husband just announced they’ll be welcoming their second munchkin into the world in March. More hilarious munchkins to cuddle. 

One of my best friends just got a new job that is giving her a great new schedule along with moving her significantly closer to the love of her life. She sounds so happy and so excited for the future. I cannot wait to see where her story leads next. 

Two of my favorite humans and their crazy little girl moved with 3 hours of me after we’ve spent years being 7 hours apart. I can now actually visit them on weekends from time to time. Bonus: they have a pool. Ultra-mega bonus: they live in the same area as one of my wonderful uncles and his great family!!

One of the guys I grew up with, he’s basically my older brother, just proposed to his lovely girlfriend. They’re so happy, and they’ve got so much to look forward too. 

The oldest of my brothers and his wife celebrated their 5th anniversary this week. They’ve been through so much together, but they’re coming out so strong, so inspiring. Their commitment and love for each other leaves me in awe. 

I am overwhelmed. Life felt so bleak and dim for so long, but the past 2 years have made everything explode into dazzling technicolor. Such joy. 

My heart is alight. It’s been nearly two years since Tyler walked into my life and in just over a month (just 35 days), we’ll be getting married. He is my love and my heart. He grew my trust with his enduring patience and love. He makes me laugh each and every day, and I believe him when he tells me he loves me. 

I am so overwhelmed with joy. Life is so new. God is so good!