Monday, October 19, 2015

Day 19: Grandma Thomas

Dear Grandma Thomas,

Thank you. 

I miss you. A lot. 

Grandma, thank you for loving me. More than that, thank you for loving all of us. It's amazed me over and over again since you died just how much you loved all of us and how you truly were the glue that held us all together. You always saw the good in us and tried to point us in the right direction. It makes me sad to think how much we took that for granted. 

Thank you for being a great example of the kind of woman I want to be. You were a loving wife, mother, grandmother, and friend. You were involved in your family and community, and everyone who knew you loved you. Your life and legacy give me hope. 

I miss you, Grandma. I love you. 

Thank you. 


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