Thursday, October 31, 2013

(59) Paths of Progress

My mind keeps reminding me
like a panic button, an alarm,
that the next stage of life
new change
is fast approaching
& I look around this room
& I know I have not a clue
what I'm doing

Is this when I become an adult
or am I just getting points
for progress?
This isn't to say
that this isn't my path
but rather that I'm not sure how to walk it
Do I run?
Or should I amble?
Maybe just change it up as I go
I know I'll over think it, 
but you never know

My hope is just to find
steady hands along the way
& friends that,
even when I stumble,
will always, always stay

So I'll take another deep breath
& start another day
packing up & visiting
those I love along the way
Because though this is all crazy,
it will all work out fine
You'll be fine
It will all be okay

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