Tuesday, October 8, 2013

(39) Help Me Let Go

God, let me let this go
a full 2 years (...3?)
of bitterness 
all for something--
I can't ever have

What's the point 
of holding on
to loneliness
when it's a love 
that will only kill me
& I don't want to
seem heartless

but holding on...

Holding on any longer
with this death grip,
white knuckles,
clenched stomach,
it just hurts

Who would choose this?
This love sick life,
I tell myself I'm fine
that this is over 
I'm not still splinters
of who I wanted to be,
but I let it come to this

So break me open
call me out
tear off the callouses 
& clean up these wounds
They've been open too long

Help me, Lord
help me escape
& heal this stupid,
broke, angry, hurt heart

Because until its cleaned out
I'm never gonna be happy 
Never gonna be helpful 
Never gonna give or get
real love,

true love

Help me, Lord
help me to save
this heart, to
save me

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