Wednesday, October 23, 2013

(52) Beloved Aggravation

He's such a beloved aggravation. 
How do you live a contradiction?
He's my soul inside out,
my musical soulmate,
my best friend

But every step we take closer
seems to require another brick
built in the wall
that separates our hearts

He says he's lonely,
but he won't say a word to me
all he has to do is stretch out a hand
I'm always within reach

Maybe we're a paradox
or perhaps we're working on a comedic equation
because we seem to be tragedy plus time
Who can really say

He & I circle this question
& where our hearts lie
We'll shore up our hearts
with whatever broken bits fall off
of one another's hearts
Never alone, but always lonely
There's got to be a place
we can meet in between

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