Saturday, October 12, 2013

(42) Odd Duck

Odd duck is what I am
Never quite fitting right
Not even my body is normal
with the O Negative blood, the PCOS, the pancreatitis, the back bending knees
And what of my heart?
I'm an introvert & an INFJ
Rare, rare, rare
I love Shakespeare & Star Wars
I crochet & bake pies & write handwritten letters
So much about me
is a little odd
I've come to accept my weird & my good
I'll never be conventional
or exactly what you might expect
I'll never leave you quite the same
When our paths cross & intersect
I hope you see
that I'm not the only one
with surprises & secret worlds
inside of me
each one of us is beautiful & brilliant 
& odd
in our own ways
Let's embrace it
& become a cheerful flock 
of all the odd ducks

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