Wednesday, October 23, 2013

(53) So it Begins

I walk into this room
I eye the cheerful mess
the weird balance of color 
the quotes written out on the walls
& I realize this is home
a home I'm going to leave

Sure I'm off for adventures
& this move is my next big step
but what if I fall?
What if I fail?
I'm seeing that this time 
there's no net
& I wonder if I am really ready for this

I guess every high wire act
has to pass the test
eventually it just doesn't change the fact
that I'm scared of diving in

Tomorrow I'll pack another box
& check off more from my to do list
I'll fake it till I make it
because eventually it won't feel
like I'm just fooling everyone
Maybe someday soon,
I'll open my eyes
& realizing this is me
standing on my own 2 feet

So it begins

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