Friday, October 4, 2013

(36) Love. New. Love.

Strained eyes & leather couches
waiting, waiting, waiting
pink visitors pass & one finished book
pages of texts, updates, etc.
Still no baby
2 days of this?
3 more hours & we'll hit 48
Maybe October babies
really are marathon babies
I think I'll have my
babies in the spring
that way I can dress up
as the Death Star for Halloween
& eat extra stuffing & Mom's mashed potatoes
& no one will judge me

But waiting.
Waiting for news
or a nurse
or sleep
or a new niece
At least the wait will be worth it
when I get to hold this new light
in my arms
She's mine
Maybe not blood,
but my family all the same
This is looney,
but I couldn't be more cheerful
our new heartbeat
born into this world
I'm already in love

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