Saturday, October 12, 2013

(44) Never Meant to be Alone

The truth of it,
the crux of the matter,
is that I'm reaching out 
my hand in the dark
& I'm praying 
you're reaching out too

We're not meant to be 
We should never feel 
alone in a room full of people
or lost amongst people we love

Don't assume I don't feel joy
over new marriages, jobs, houses, babies
or that I'm not glad
your life is going well
My happiness doesn't change my joy for you
it just tints the view of my accomplishments & dreams

Depression isn't a foreign concept
I was just hoping
I'd shored myself up this time
that I was strong enough
to fight this alone

but I'm not

No, I'm not drowning
& I can still see the stars,
but I need new focus
new hope

Renew my spirit, LORD
Show me the hand to hold
the safe places & harbors
you've blessed me with
& a light so I'm never

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