Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Poem for Tomorrow

I’ve written poetry for most of my life
but I still can’t describe
all the beauty I see
The grace in your smile
or the amazement I find in the number of eyelashes
encircling your midnight eyes

Everything in me marvels
you are details and silk
You are long fingers and shaggy hair
Each strand that falls in your eyes
makes me ache

The face that I want you more
with each word you say
(even when you’re mad)
and with each breath you take…

It still takes me by surprise
that something like you exists

And more.

So let me kiss your perfect fingers
and work my way back to your lips
and savor everything in between
And while we’re at it
tell me all your dreams
the fact that it’ll take the rest of our lives
to learn all your details
brings a smile to my lips

Let’s take the rest of time
Each minute is yours
Now and forever

hair to toes
heart and soul
inside and out
You’re my one bit of perfection
The only miracle I’ll ever need

If I had to ask room service for three things…
Well, really,
You’d be all I need

Do you want anything?

Honestly, you are everything
that I didn’t expect
and you’re more than enough proof
that a loving God exists
and that I never knew
what I should ask Him for
I’m glad
because that means I got you.

I love you
because you sparkle,
twinkle, shine, glow
You’re all the magic I need

and no matter how long I write poems
the words will never encompass
all the love I have for you

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