Thursday, January 7, 2010

2010 To-do List

I made myself some goals for this year. A to-do list. Thought I'd share it. Maybe if I do that I'll actually accomplish them this year.'s the list:
  • Read 40 to all of the books on my Books I Own But Have Never Read list (there's like 87 or so of them)
  • Sell (or give away) all the books I don't want
  • Begin box for Chris Taylor
  • Delete all unessecary music
  • Move music & files to the laptop (recently named Livingston Dell, ha.)
  • Finish initial manuscript for Dear Jackson
  • Watch every movie I own and discard the ones that aren't loved
  • Write at least one thank you note each month (there need to be more thank you's floating around in the universe, don't you think?)
  • Save up money to move (to ATL!)
  • Reapply to ABC
  • Spent more time with Kayla (I need to actually plan)
  • Send more letters to K-boo (She needs a few more)
  • Finish reading all borrowed books and return them
  • Send Dustin a box (at least once...I never have done much for him...not for a long time)
  • Learn to make hats (I've already talked to KT, so hopefully that will happen soon)
  • Finish book for Kay & T (and give it to them...hopefully before we're all a million years old)

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