Friday, January 15, 2010

A Few Good Words & a New Social Experiment

(The above painting is called "Winter Melody" and it's by Leonard Afremov)

I have been staring at my blog off and on all day. For awhile now I've been wondering what I'm doing writing this thing. It was one thing to have a Xanga (which I still do: crashesthewho), but to have a blog that I just kinda have off to seems strange at times.

I guess it all comes down to having my own little corner in the world. I'm not saying anything big or necessarily anything different, but I am saying something. My voice isn't very loud and I don't try to draw much attention to myself, but I'm still doing something. I'm questioning life and reality and dreams and hope and love.

This blog is just a way to say aloud all the questions and fears and dreams and wonder that I have tumbling around in my head. Sometimes this little quiet corner is just about the only place I say what's really in my heart.

Today though, as I was once again questioning what the purpose of all of this truly was, I saw that I had a comment. This doesn't happen very often, so it's always nice to see when it does, but this comment was different. It was from someone anonymous, and it was a lovely comment. I have to admit I've been feeling pretty withdrawn and alone today, and my anonymous friend probably doesn't realize this, but their words meant a great deal.

Every day I wonder if I ever touch lives even in the smallest of ways, and it was nice to hear that something I draw and the things I write actually are finding their way into the lives of other people. I needed that reminder.
After a great deal of time by myself today, I started thinking...I wonder what would happen if I spend each day focusing on making one person's life better? Even if I can't do anything major, what if I just try to make one person's life a little easier or better? Say I focus on making one of my brothers' lives better: I could make sure their chores are done or pick them up their favorite soda. Nothing huge, but just a little something that they might not expect. Or maybe call a friend or write them a letter to let them know they're important to me. Little things. (Have you noticed that I'm real into doing the little things? ha.) I think I'm going to try it for awhile and see what happens. Just another mini social experiment.

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