Thursday, September 27, 2007

Morbid Daydreams, Road Construction, but I'm Not on Drugs...

Favorite things of this very moment (9:06 pm):
  • Casino Royale ...oh Daniel Craig, how wonderful you are
  • Portable cd players with wonderful outer noise eliminating headphones
  • Incubus. Yes, glorious Incubus. Brandon Boyd, your voice will never cease to make me feel better about all that is life...
  • The concept of relationship evaluations (monthly, possibly even weekly)
  • dry, comfy, soft socks
  • Fiji water bottles filled with water from my handy-dandy fridge
  • Nathaniel Hawthorne's short stories (Nikky, you need to read "Young Goodman Brown" and tell me what you think of it)

I got caught in the most ridiculous construction annoyance ever on the way home today. I thought they would be done for the day because it was a little after 5 (usually they're gone), so I drove home on the main road. Big mistake. I got past all hope of turning around and suddenly was confronted with 3 miles of construction, being followed by a homicidal maniac (at least that's how all his weaving in and out of traffic in a completely stupid reckless matter made him seem) in a large green truck, with the smell of fresh tar filling the air. Ugh.

I called Jay and warned him to go out of town literally anyway but the normal route of taking 64 because, I told him, he didn't want to get stuck in the most retarded traffic crazed area EVER. I disgusted myself in the way I sounded incredibly valley girl meets

When I got home I kept hearing Dad's box go off. All sorts of accidents or something today. All I could think was, what if he gets into one of those accidents on the way home. Will they announce that there is a 24 year old really tall blond guy in need of an ambulance? "He's about 5'18", keeps saying something about how a girl told him to come this way instead of the normal way, says he hates her and wishes she could see him bleeding all over the road. I think he said *pauses and the operator can hear mumbling from injured individual in the background* Yes--he said he wants to talk to Jamie, wait *pauses again mumbling gets louder*--he said Jaymin. Hey, isn't that the name of one of the EMTs's daughters. Better call their house, see if someone can get ahold of her...*lowers voice* Wouldn't want the poor guy to have to lose the opportunity to say goodbye..."

I'm not going to go any further with that...Good grief, I'm morbid this week. Dave Eggers is starting to infiltrate my already overly-analytical, cynical mind. After I finish reading A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius I'm going to have to read something really light and fully of silliness. The books is gorgeous and glorious, but I am definitely going to need something non-committal after this.

Yeah...and on that note: good night.


nikkyrowell said...

I think we should begin working up a draft for the relationship evaluation forms...I seriously think they are a good idea!
I know what you mean about A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius...thats just what it is...and lots of times you need the literary equivalent of Pauly Shore to wash everything down with.

nikkyrowell said...

As a side note, yes, Daniel Craig. Good things. Best James Bond EVER. All though Im fairly certain that one could not make so lush a nest with his chesticle hair clippings as with Sean's...
I think I've cracked, Jaymin.

nikkyrowell said...
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