Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Eternity In Every Moment

Favorite things of this very moment (9:59 pm):
  • Blank cds
  • The Beck mix cd I just made (so far so good, I don't know if I like Beck or not yet...)
  • Craft ideas in Family Fun magazine
  • Jay's rants on text messaging's uselessness all the while he is text messaging people...haha
  • When the moon takes up half of the sky
  • The trailer for Across The Universe
  • Glasses of ice tea...glorious

Why is that life doesn't come at you in easy to swallow pieces? It all seems to attack you at once. I remember once there was a Zits comic strip where Jeremy was being attacked by ducks that were each telling him something else he needed to deal with...that's me. My life is being nibbled away by ducks. Although, I gotta say, picturing it like that makes me laugh a little.'s been a LONG few days. Oh, and our freezer decided to die. The big one. So Mom and I had to find a way to get everything into the smallish upstairs freezer. Lovely. My mom is having a really horrible week. Which makes me a bit weird...and hence the return of escapist tendencies.

The end of this week cannot come soon enough.

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nikkyrowell said...

I cant ever decide if I like Beck or not either...Some of his stuff I do, and others make me want to throw myself out of a moving vehicle. Eh. I guess Im indifferent.

This has felt like a long week. Im finally getting over my cold (although I am not sure I will ever get over my roman virus), so thats helping.
Im praying for you Jaymin! Everything will get better. Everything will work out. I feel like Im spouting the party line or something, but Im certain that its true!