Thursday, May 22, 2014


The stars shine so bright
They twinkle on my ceiling
It's after 2AM 
& I can't find my rubber mallet
I could try the old songs
But it would just remind me
That nights like this,
At the edge of alone,
I want to set everything
--yes everything--
On fire
At least the flames
Would give reason
To all this heat

All is quiet
Save the fan blades whirring on
And I'm fighting the urge
To hope from kind words
From strangers
When we're so often judged
By beauty
I worry for my heart

And are the lonely
Truly the kindest
Or is that supposed
To read as damaged?
Because my experience
Only sees that so far
Sometimes running alone
For so long
Causes you to forget
How to interact organically

How can you like me
When you don't know me?
How can I let you know me
When I'm not sure I like me?

And I'm a cactus flower
In a lonely desert
And I'm the sailor
Called by your song to the rocks

How many boats will I lose?
How many deaths will I die?

Will I ever be enough?
I have the right skills
And my heart still beats
Can't that be enough?

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