Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wishes & Space Goat Avoidance.

(A picture of my Amelia just after we'd gotten her. As silly as it may sound, I'm looking forward to seeing her in just over a week...even if she probably will bite my toes and tip over our Christmas tree or something crazy...And she's also about 3 times the size of the tiny monster pictured here)

Favorite things of this very moment ( today pm EST):

  • Coffee...a gift from God.
  • The following definition for love that R. S. Ballard gave me earlier: "Love: A compassion for an individual not based on that person's actions but on their humanity."
  • Having the first paragraph and thesis statement done for my ethics paper and feeling like it has the potential to actually be good.
  • The iPod
  • Conversations with Sam

I was again asked today what I want for Christmas...I have no idea. Well I do, but humans aren't really wrapable, and I don't think that's ethical either. That one I'll just have to wait on.

So here's my Christmas list for the year (if you care to know):

  1. I want to be more important than video games to someone. Doesn't need to be everyone. Just one person.
  2. A more thankful heart.
  3. Self-confidence for every day use. Not just special occasion self-confidence.
  4. The right words and a discering heart to show me when and how to use them.
  5. Texting.
  6. Snow. It can melt the day after Christmas, but on Christmas...can we please have some snow?
  7. More hope please.
  8. Soft, attractive sweaters. Always more of those.
  9. A job, or something close.
  10. Love for others.
  11. Courage.
  12. More time with him please.
  13. That guy...maybe. Unless, of course, there really is someone else...and if that's the case, please find me a patient heart in the meantime.
  14. Who the heck am I kidding, I could use the patient heart regardless
  15. All of Glee. Ever. Always.
  16. Working defrost in my car.
  17. Blank cds. And mix cds. With anything.
  18. Tickets to see "Hadestown" in February with Jordan!
  19. Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller
  20. You know what, just surprise me. I'm a fan of surprises.

Yep. And now you know. Who knows why you would need to know this, but I'm not very good with traditional Christmas lists at the moment.

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