Sunday, December 5, 2010

December Confessions

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Tonight I was talking to a good friend, and we were talking about how healthy it is to be completely honest with others. At least from time to time. I told him I often wish I owned truth serum and could give it to people when I really needed to know something. Like how someone really feels about me or the reason they're doing something crazy.
For instance, confession 1: I wish I could give truth serum to my friend Sam because I just want a straight answer for why he is moving. I'm fairly sure I understand, but I just want him to look me in the eye and tell me the truth.
But onwards: if I'm honest, I'm also really fond of Sam and wish more than anything that he was moving to ABC in the spring. I want him around all the time to talk with, laugh with, cook with, and just to hang out with. It's just the truth.
Also, NyQuil totally knocks me out. The liquid stuff. I hate the taste more than almost anything in the world, but even so, when I'm really miserable, it's easier to drink that stuff and know it will start working than to take the pills. I have no idea why it works that way. Maybe it's entirely in my head, but whatever the case, it works.
I'm not kidding about being completely creeped out and disturbed by talking toys. I hate them. I still blame "Gremlins." I watched it on IRiff this afternoon, and it's still just as creepy. Nikky, I also have to confess that I deleted it as soon as I was done watching it. Even with the ridiculous songs and great comments, I will never be able to watch that one again because no matter how old I am or how ridiculous I know it is, gremlins are still completely creepy. Ick.
My current favorite sound in the world is a bike bell. Yeah...
I wish I had the money to put Christmas lights all around our apartment.
I currently have $8 to my name (roughly) and about $4 on a Wal-Mart gift card. Yep.
I desperately wish I had a job, but still haven't found one. It's discouraging and I let myself get the better of me in this. I need to hold on to hope and keep looking.
Even though I watched "Pride & Prejudice" last night, I am finding myself wanting to watch it again tonight. It's just such a pure love story.
I think my friend Jordan may be my musical soul mate. Bet you didn't see that coming, did you Jordan?
The book Agnes & the Hitman is one of my favorites. I bought myself a paperback copy a little over 2 years ago (maybe less?) and it looks like it's been through years of abuse because I've read it so many times already.
I wish more people wrote real letters, and I also wish I had a limitless supply of envelopes and stamps. It would make my life much easier and then EVERYONE would know how much I love them.
I'm still fairly terrified of being out on my own. I still don't feel like an adult about half the time. One of these days I'm going to have to either be cut loose or to cut myself loose and I still wonder if I can make it.
I fully believe that Ryan Reynolds deserved the Sexiest Man Alive award from People this year. Yep.
Taylor Swift's music frequently makes me happy. It's just the truth.
Yesterday I had my first real bra fitting. So much personal space violated, and yet, I feel better about myself today than I have in a long time.
Considering the number of colds and cold-like things I've had so far this winter, I'm starting to think it would be beneficial to buy stock in Zicam. is my favorite webcomic. I have Ben to thank for that.
I rarely take enough pictures of things that are really worth taking pictures of.
I'm still trying to get over the fact that I don't have a single picture of Zuni and I together. I'm scared I'll lose someone else and have to go through that all over again. I have no idea why this scares me. They're just pictures, it shouldn't be a big deal...but somehow, it still is.
After years of talking against texting because I could never see a point, I want it desperately. I realized my winter break is going to be killer because I won't have the iPod to keep me connected to a couple of people I love, and that will make me a bit frustrated and a bit lonely. I may actually have to get myself texting sometime soon. Ha.
Good night.
ps. Got any confessions of your own? Maybe you should send them out into the void like I am tonight.

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