Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Birthdays, Brilliant Friends, Lying, & Poor College Kids

(Uncle Jon is the man in the nice maroon shirt who appears to be trying to locate something on the floor...the creep who is giving me his best evil villain stare is Jake...Yep)

Today is my Uncle Jon's birthday. I'm going to go have lunch with him after he's done teaching his class in the morning. I'm looking forward to this. He's making his potato soup that I've heard so much about. Few things could sound more promising. I just find it kind of funny that he's making lunch for a group of college kids on his birthday. This is just one more of the many, many things that make him one of the coolest people in the universe and definitely one of my favorite people.

Two o'clock in the morning is going to find me sitting here at my table staring at the stacks of books, the old newspaper, and the mugs that seem to collect out of thin air wondering when exactly I should attempt to sleep. When I woke up this morning at 10 so that I could attempt to make my friends breakfast before they left, I briefly considered going right back to sleep. It was very tempting. This became even more tempting when I realized that when I got out of the shower that I heard them leave the apartment. Yep. Right out the front door they walked before I even got to see them off. I understood their need to leave, but it made me sad that I didn't have the abilities to wake up early enough to actually see them leave. Bummer. Plus, this meant that I had gotten up long before it was necessary. This is always a bit sad.

Nevertheless, I did manage to make some delicious monkey bread for Amber, Jake, Mitch and I. Miiitch actually came by at the exact right time to pick up the key Josh had left, and therefore ended up getting fed and entertained before he went home to sleep. It was a good time. I know I enjoyed it.

Today was filled with very little in the way of anything really. Amber and I went and visited Cheat, Seth & the girls this afternoon and played some Bananagrams (which I swear should start paying us because we are getting everyone around us hooked on the game).

This period also had me reconsidering my position on Swedish Fish. They actually don't taste so bad when they're fresh and if I forget that they have a super weird and waxy texture. But I think I could actually eat them if they were offered to me. I'm beginning to wonder if I had just connected bad memories of Jeff & I's relationship to Swedish Fish and somehow that changed the way I was approaching them as a snack.


Amber and I also managed to wrangle together the rest of the groceries we would need till leaving at the end of the week. We are broke. So, so very broke. If you want to donate money towards our patheticness or you want to give us bags of chocolate and Sun Chips, we'll be more than willing to do accept donations.

Just a thought.

This evening I also was made to realize once again the epic that is Jordan M. Durham. EPIC. I'm consistently amazed at the random knowledge he possesses and the range of conversations we can have throughout the course of a day. I look forward to the day when we live in the same area so that I can have these bizarre daily conversations with him face to face and not just over Facebook or texts.

Sadly, tonight also saw me rethinking and evaluating the truth in a friend's statements. If I end up being proven wrong about someone I have greatly admired I will be furious. There is something incredibly disturbing about putting faith in someone only to have them take the trust you place in them and crushing it. I genuinely hope that my faith is justified.

Do me a favor? Don't bother to lie to me. As crazy as it may sound, I will find out. This may sound conceited, but I tend to figure it out. Just be honest. I'd rather be wounded by a friend than have someone betray me someone. I don't handle that well. Really.

Just some things to ponder tonight/today. And wish my uncle a happy birthday.

ps. I would like some truth serum, good hand lotion, and actual sleep.

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