Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Wish

It's Christmas Eve.

Maybe you don't know this, but this is my favorite day of the year. Don't get me wrong, I adore Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter, but Christmas Eve is the best day of the year. Why you may ask? Well, that's very simple. It's the anticipation.

Knowing that Christmas is tomorrow makes everything more exciting. Christmas Eve is the day that I usually spend with my folks and my brothers. I help Mom with all the last minute cooking and baking endeavors. (I have become the pie maker for the family. In awhile I will be making our Pumpkin pie. It will be delicious.) I listen to my brothers arguing out trivial things like who gets to do the vacuuming and who gets to shovel and whether or not they'll both do a bit of both (which is probably what will happen). We wait for my dad to get home from work just after lunch, and today we are watching the snow fall. It's been falling all morning. I love it.

I've been trying to get some merry Christmas-ing to people this morning. Sent some emails, left some notes, but I've realized there are quite a few people who I'd like nothing better than to have a teleporter so that I could just hug them. I feel like phone calls and notes are almost worthless for Christmas greetings. They'll do an alright just for now, but someday teleporters will be invented and then I'll get to see the people I love quickly and without issue. It will make everything so much nicer.

You have my love and good wishes this year as we once again celebrate the joy of a baby boy born so many, many years ago. A child who would grow up to save the world. A child who causes the sorrow of death to be dissolved into a hope for a brighter more miraculous and beautiful hope than any of can fully imagine. We are so, so blessed.

So here's my Christmas wish for you:

May your Christmas be filled with joy. May you get the joy of family and/or friends. May you have tasty foods to eat, wonderful music to hear, smiles to share, people to hug, smells to savor, presents to give, optimal weather conditions for your personal happiness (in my case, lots and lots of white, fluffy snow and nowhere to drive to), lights to twinkle, warmth and a rememberance that Jesus was born to save us all.

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