Monday, March 22, 2010


I watch the color
change and fade
in the sky
in my eyes
in my heart

and then the stars break through

red and blue and green
the pale white
the twinkling and sparkling
spinning and shining

a billion tiny lights
all glistening in the dark
full of secrets and wishes
kept for centuries
and millennia

what whispers of love
could the stars tell
the stories of heartbreak
and victory
of elopements and weddings
of lust and swords
tears and trust

the stars paint me pictures
moving slowly with the world
as it spins
singing me to sleep

I stare at the moon and stars
and I wonder
where amongst them are you?
does your heart wander
amongst the quiet of the stars too?

there is comfort in knowing
you see the same moon
as I do

and I send out another
whispered wish
and a quiet prayer
that will hide itself
among the stars

until they find me you

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