Monday, March 15, 2010

Go Serve

(Andy Shaw and I getting the garlic bread cut up and taken care of for the dinner. I think Andy is probably asking me how he needs to arrange the bread in the pan. That cracked me up. I mean, really?)

Favorite things of this very moment (12:00 pm CST):
  • Knowing the Go Serve Team got my letters this morning and that it gave them all something to smile about (and possibly think I'm a psycho for...ha)
  • Brand New's song "Moshi Moshi"
  • Black tank tops & long jeans
  • Getting a few minutes to talk to Ben
  • Knowing I've only been up for 2 hours (Do you know the last time I slept in?)
  • New music to listen to
  • Memories of this past weekend

This weekend was wonderful.

Let me try to explain what it felt like.

Imagine being stuck in the middle of the desert without water. You're alone and you are completely dried out. You can't remember how long you've been like this, and you aren't sure how much longer you can hold on. Then imagine being found and rescued by people who love you and they have tons of cold, refreshing, life-giving water with them. That's a little bit what it was like.

I have felt like a fire doused with water. Smoldering embers of a former fire.

But this weekend was a fire renewed. The Go Serve team comes up from ABC and lights everything back up. I had a purpose and was surrounded by friends. It was wonderful. The concept of the Go Serve team is for a group of college students go around to churches around the country and help out in any way they can. They clean and help and do literally whatever they can to be of use. It was inspiring and wonderful.

Spent a lot of time talking to the crew, working with them so that I could serve along side them and help them in any way I could, made a new friend, and got to grow my relationships with some friends.

Life is good and I needed hope. Without meaning to, they definitely supplied it. God gave me a gift of a good weekend with people I love. A mini oasis in life. I am grateful. Hopefully I'll be able to further that fire. Hopefully you'll find something to do that for you too.

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