Monday, March 15, 2010

Burning in the Rain

Blood rushing to my head
I can’t help but feel the need to scream
above the beat and above the world
where are we going to now?

And where are you?
Are you really what I’m seeing
I don’t trust my vision anymore
if you were me,
you’d know that sometimes what you see
isn’t anything like what you get

And if you had scars from all the times
you’d been burned,
heart and soul,
Wouldn’t you question this?

Perhaps it’s a gift
or maybe just desire
but your graciousness sets something in me on fire
And how can I deal with that

Sky spinning as I fall
But where am I falling too?
the ground is soft
Or is it my bed
I don’t know
And I’m not inside my head

Instead I’m breaking

And somewhere out there
Something exists
that could hold my head
my heart

Then again,
he could be a figment too

And I’m crying and praying
driving like a maniac down rain covered streets
blackness and tired coating all of this

Why in the rain do I feel fire?

And I still see your smile when I close my eyes

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