Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fatal Flaw

Favorite things of this very moment (12:51 pm CST):
  • A&W Cream Soda
  • Jack Johnson's "In Between Dreams" cd
  • The voices of the little ones playing across the hall in Mona Lisa's
  • Having a job today
  • Meeting so many different people this morning
  • The Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan

I've been rereading The Sea of Monsters today, and they discuss the fact that every hero has a fatal flaw. One of the characters fatal flaw is hubris (deadly pride) and it lead me to wondering...what is my fatal flaw?

I know I am proud, but I don't feel like I'd do a better job running anything really. Perhaps it's my lack of self-confidence. That might work...I mean I have a tendency to completely disown my own thoughts, feelings, and/or abilities at times. Or worse, my hopes and dreams.

Or maybe it's loyalty. The fact that I would do almost anything to protect and care for the people I love, sometimes even going so far as taking on their burdens as my own and not making them actually take the time to work them out, or allowing people leeway while forgetting my own needs. Maybe.

Whatever the case, I think it's something interesting to consider. I'll leave you with one final thought from Annabeth in The Sea of Monsters about fatal flaws:

"If you don't find it and learn to control it...well, they don't call it 'fatal' for nothing."

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