Monday, March 22, 2010

I found a tiny cross
Just the other night
At the bottom of a bag
That had yet to see the light

I clutched it to me tightly
And I laughed with pain and glee
I’d forgotten just how much
That tiny cross had meant to me

I remember the day you found it
I remember your delight
It was when your eyes still shown
With some beautiful semblance of light

Combing through row and rows
Tiny beads, bones and bows

Then at last you’d found the one
That tiny missing piece
You couldn’t believe your luck
Your soul had found release

It was just a tiny cross
In the middle of the jumble
But the way you smiled crooked
My heart couldn’t help but tumble

Because at that very moment
In the middle of our life
I knew I could spend the rest happily
If I could be your wife

With so much care and joy
For such a tiny cross
I just knew your faith in God above
Would never be a loss

That’s why finding this meant so much
This cross and I find ourselves
A common place:
Upon the unlooked at shelves

Of a heart
Once thought so true
I should have recognized
The faithless heart in you

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