Friday, September 6, 2013

(9) Solace in Your Happiness

Generosity & good fortune always overwhelm
My new silver shoes sparkle
& make me think of Dorothy's slippers
(they were only ruby in the movie)
There's no place like home
Then we find $20 in the parking lot
"Happy dinner on me,"
says The Universe

It's really the little things
We'll try the cinnamon pancakes on Monday
fir breakfast 
I'll make that cheesecake
a pie's on the way

Sure we'll drink when this is over
to cheer ourselves 
on how beautiful it was
(& I'll survive 2 weddings, not 1
& hopefully old ladies & friends
will minimize the number of times
I'm asked how I feel 
about not getting married

And we'll figure out the car
Tonight we have a winning football team
we've cheered to victory,
Good beer,
& laughter

So glad you can find
solace in your happiness
Me too
Why can't you?

So the world is falling
& at war
So my car breaks down
& I'm not seeing anyone at all anymore

There's still so much good here
Be overwhelmed & grateful
for the beauty in each day
Search for it & find the good 

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