Thursday, September 5, 2013

(8) For Your Birthday

You remember the summer
you loved me?

You were sweet & funny
though boundaries seemed to be
a weakness

You told me you'd 
never go to far
Even though
your eyes betrayed your heart

Do you know you're
the only man who
ever made me feel
& desired

I still miss 
your fingers
laced through mine
or your hand
at the base of my spine

We watched fireworks 
from my front yard
& I told you my
heart & fears

I made you forget, 
for awhile at least,
the ghost of a girl 
you'd been chasing
for so long

You never meant
to love me
You never meant
to stay

It still, 
to this day,
surprises me
that you would've stayed
(think it startled you too)

but my heart was
a fire
roaming fast ahead
of me
burning me down
& burning my bridges
to the life you
were willing,
to work towards

In case I never told you,
You cut a gorgeous figure in a suit
Your smile could light up the darkest room
Your arms always felt safe
You were enough,
more than enough,
for any girl
(let alone me)

Please don't ever doubt
your strength & worth
based on me
I was young &
slipping through 
like water to the sea

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