Monday, September 16, 2013

(19) Revolting Old Soak

Wonder of wonders
night falls again
leaving me here in the quiet
sans friend

Here in the lamp light
on this small twin bed
holding tight to blankets
tired thoughts fill my head

It's been a strange couple of weeks
I wonder where you are tonight
Are you hoping for me?
Do you wonder if I'm alright?

Because tonight I could really
use strong arms holding me together
and a calm voice
whispering in my ear

It feels like eternity
but this life passes so fast
I worry you'll never
find me

My grandparents found each other
and were married over 60 years
they raised 12 kids together
a crazy, loud, dysfunctional, happy family

I don't care if we have 12 kids
(or just 1 or 2)
I don't care if we get 60 years,
but I want as many as I can have with you

So if you're out there tonight,
can you please look around?
There's a girl waiting for you,
check the lost & found

She's probably carrying a bag
too big with a journal and a book
a deck of cards and a water bottle
just look

She'll probably have a pony tail
glasses, bracelets on her arm
soon-to-be tattoo "enough"
(even though her brother claims this makes her seem like a meth addict)

She's going to be a bit dysfunctional
laugh too loud, heart on sleeve
cries when she's angry
and she might be gun-shy, scared you'll leave

Just know this girl, this lonely heart,
beats just for you.
Dream of me tonight, love.
I'll be dreaming of you.

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