Wednesday, September 25, 2013

(28) But I'm Wrong

I always thought
that as I got older
my fears of
rejection, abandonment & loneliness
would retreat away & heal
but they only seem to grow
with the death & destruction
the ever looming war
my unanswered letters & emails
the loss being ignored...

Sometimes I worry the fear
has gotten too big
to fight down
& that its shadow
reaches too far to see past

But I'm wrong

& in these moments
I hear you whisper my name
nudging me, reminding me
of who you are &
where I am --
in Your universe

Bleak sometimes leeches
out the colors of my heart
but you always come back in
& burn it to the ground
& begin to start
& color me in anew

Thanks for making me, me
& being extraordinary you

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