Friday, July 29, 2011


(This picture is from, from a project that everyone should look at and, if they're lucky enough, be a part of.)

"These are the fragments that I have shored against my ruins." - T.S. Elliot

The picture and the quote are two things I have been thinking about this evening. The picture because the first night I saw it I could completely identify with the guy picture and his thought, and I still do. I love that he's wearing a coat and a backpack which makes me think that even while the picture was being taken...he was searching for home. I feel a lot like that.

The quote showed up in my email today because of The Happiness Project daily quote. The quote both makes me smile and makes me a little sad. I think it was sent out in the spirit of...remembering the good and brilliant bits of light and color in your life, but all I could think was that it's sad that we have to collect anything against our ruins.

But that's what we are...right? Ruins.

You are the fragments.

The world will be brighter yet.

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