Monday, July 11, 2011

Bring it Around Again

I've seen you in various states
of dress and undress
The shirtless mornings
The t-shirts
The jacket you gave me when you wanted to warm me after we ran through the rain
I've laid next to you
on a hotel bed
And I dreamt of you each night
But you've held onto your virtue
and I've held to mine

When I think of you
(which is often)
I think late nights, caffeine, and your voice
-singing along with mine, your guitar in hand; or laugh or telling me your secrets-

But, the night you told me
Where your loyalty lay
(Your Happiness First)
I've questioned mine
Fights break out
Did my words break your hear?
("Well, that's why we're different. My loyalty is to others first")
Could you hear the heartbreak,
the regret,
the reproach in my voice?

You are held to higher standards
Not a prince or a knight,
but a man

Show me your loyalty renewed
Your love, strength
Be the man,
the man I love.
The one I know you can be,
You are.
You're meant to be.

Light up,
Light up the night for me.

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