Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Questions. I've Got Some Questions.

You may not be calling me a liar, but I am pretty sure I am.

Currently, the youth group I work with is going through Joshua Harris's video series "I Kissed Dating Goodbye," and tonight's discussion was on purity. This hit home. I've been wearing a ring since I was 18 that is just a plain silver band with the word "purity" written on it. I'm not going to pretend that I'm a super pure person or that I've made all the right choices, but I've been trying.

My real concern is this: what am I doing to really promote purity? What am I doing to maintain my purity? Or to help others maintain their's?

More I being pure in my current relationships?

I've become friends with a guy in the past few months that I think is something beyond incredible, but I'm not sure I'm really seeking his highest good. I think a lot of what I want also is seeking his highest good, but I don't think my intentions are pure. This worries me.

How does a person seek the highest good of another and put their purity as something worthy of protecting and maintaining?

So, so, so many questions.

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Steve said...

You might enjoy my blog where I also critique Josh Harris's book:
"I Kissed Dating Goodbye: Wisdom or Foolishness?"

Unfortunately Josh Harris is quick to point out the defects of dating but won't admit the problems and defects with his approach. Even at his own church he acknowledged a number of problems but doesn't share them on his website.