Wednesday, January 26, 2011

An Open Apology to the Good Men

The other night I wrote a post about how frustrated I was, and in rereading it and thinking about it off and on since then, I realized I was probably harsher than I should have been. I want to apologize.

I won't apologize for my hurt and my brokenness. I'm carry wounds that I'm trying to let God heal, but I do want to apologize for implying that there aren't good men out there. There are.

For years no I have been watching the kindness and faithfulness and love my father shows my mother. He takes care of her. He is a good man.

I watch my friend Mitch consistently help and care for my his fiancee, Kim. He is faithful and true and is constantly trying to take care of her. He is a good man.

My amazing friend Jake is the same way. He is madly in love with my wonderful roommate, Amber, and I watch him day in and day out try to make her happy. He even does our dishes and watches the occasional chick flick and is an excellent listener. He is a good man.

Then there's Jay. My exceedingly tall friend who has a heart of gold. He's single, but he does try to take care of me at times. Beyond which, he's just a good man. Honest, faithful, funny. He is a good man.

And Jordan, my wonderful, wonderful friend, Jordan. Without realizing it, he frequently lights up my day and makes me feel better because he willingly answers my crazy questions and takes the time to be interested in what I have to say, even when it's insane and/or pointless. He is faithful to God and kind to people. Jordan is a good man.

To all of you men, I am sorry I doubted your goodness and your ability to love and care for the women in your lives. I will work harder to encourage you and to remember this.

I am sorry. I was wrong, and you are GOOD men.

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