Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hopeless or Romantic?

Favorite things of this moment (9:09 pm EST):

  • "The Princess & the Frog" on Netflix (I love Netflix...really, they make being home alone all weekend easier to deal with)
  • Having the iPod back so that I can text
  • Serena and Buddy, 2 of the cutest little dogs in the world

Tonight I am sitting on our new couch (compliments of Marcus Brown and his folks from what I was told) pondering. I'm listening for a weird guitar riff and the sound of a bicycle...I'm not sure which one makes me happier at the moment. Sometimes you really don't realize how much you miss people, you know?

I want to get married in the sunshine. I have no idea what that will entail or what or where or when, but it would be fairly awesome. Glowing and beautiful. Good golden sunlight makes everything and everyone beautiful. It would be perfect.

And yes, I know that statement was random, but I was just thinking about it.

I was telling friends not too long ago that I'd never really planned out my wedding. I know many girls do. They plan the dress, the location, the flowers, everything...but I never did. There are a lot of things I think would be cool, but I've never really thought to myself: this is what I want. There are no guarantees. I wish, so badly, that there were some guarantees. That I could say it was worth making some kind of plans for this kind of thing, but I don't feel there are.

It feels ironic for me to say that.

I am some sort of weird hopeless romantic, but until the right guy puts a ring on my finger, it won't really matter.


ALEX said...

There are certainly no guarantees. That's what keeps life interesting for me, I suppose. I'm learning to not place expectations on too much....expect change.

Jaymin said...

Alex, I couldn't agree with you more. There are no guarantees, and I think in a lot of ways it makes life more beautiful. It's a good thought, if nothing else. :)