Monday, February 7, 2011

Life, But No Raptors Yet

(Picture by captain and company)

Should a person feel so comfortable with someone that they can lean up on their chair in front of them for a good 6 hours? So much for me behaving, although, I really haven't done anything weird or wrong. I am not trying to steal any one's boyfriend (because, let's face it, I do not stand a chance here at the moment), but I'd take him if he asked me too.

Moving on, so the Packers won the Super Bowl. My real question is why does no one pull people who are bleeding off the field and clean them up? Someone needs to do that.

Also, the drama of college life is always both hilarious and impressive. I can't decide whether we're dealing with crazy aliens or just incompetence and double standards. It's hard to say.

Things I am Truly Thankful For (12:47 am EST):

  • Sam's current presence in GA and the time I got to spend with him today
  • Having Amber, Regina and Kimmie as my roommates
  • Knowing my family and my church family back home are all cheering me on
  • Knowing my schedule for the week
  • Texting on the iPod
  • People who are willing to pay for pizza
  • Not being in trouble (Yet.)
  • Getting to sleep in tomorrow
  • Brown Bag lunches (I'm so looking forward to that tomorrow)
  • Having a beautiful apartment to live in
  • My bed (even if it's crazy squeaky)

Life is super weird, but it's very good.

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