Wednesday, February 9, 2011


"Don't hit back; discover beauty in everyone."
- Romans 12:17

Favorite things of this very moment (10:19 pm EST):
  • Kimmie & Miiitch because they're freaking adorable and hilarious and wonderful all rolled into one
  • Texting on the iPod
  • Feeling closer to being centered than I have for the longest time
  • Romans 12
I love so many things right now. I'm tired, and I still don't get how so much of this works, but I feel a bit more hopeful. I got to listen to a bunch of guys tell my uncle Jon that his ministry is wonderful and that he is wonderful. It was amazing.
Today was also a big reminder that I have a lot of good on my side. I received several random messages of kindness and love from friends and family that I didn't expect. As a result, I actually thought to ask for prayer today because I was reminded that people love me and will support me when I ask for help. It made today much, much, much easier.
God definitely brings the people into your life for a reason, and I am glad. I needed a good reminder of all the weird and the wonderful in my life.
I love you. Good night.

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