Wednesday, February 9, 2011


(A picture of myself and some of the wonderful, beloved people in my life)

I am grateful for the amazing people God has placed in my life. I'm sure you don't always believe that because I'm a bit of a mess a great portion of the time, but it's still true. God blesses me constantly with the amazing people He has put in my life. I hope I can be a blessing to them as well.

I am currently being challenged on a lot of levels by quite a few different people and situations, and my big concern right now is to figure out how to be the most loving and passionate in my pursuit of faithfulness to God. I have no idea what I am doing at this point, but I want to continue to step out in faith knowing that win or lose, I am being faithful in my actions. My willingness to fall and fail is key. I do believe we need to be tested in our faith at times, and I am fairly certain my ability to remain faithful is being tested as we speak. Please pray that I continue to move forward in faithfulness even when the road seems to dark to see.

My question for you this week is this: how can you be faithful to God? What are you doing to be faithful?

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