Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hey, Hey, Hey it's Halloween!

Favorite Things of this very moment (9:13am):
  • My Boston Red Sox baseball cap
  • The Boston Red Sox
  • Soft Kleenex
  • That today is Halloween, so Harvest Happening is tonight which means soon it will all be over for one more year and November and all it's turkey-osity will begin tomorrow
  • That my boss, Linda baked a bunch of cookies and cupcakes and everything for Harvest Happening's Cake Walk (and she doesn't even go to the church! She's just really sweet!)
  • My Zuni hoodie
  • My Vans
  • Blumer's Cream Soda (which I will be taking with me in my picnic-for-one style lunch this afternoon)

A couple of great things:

1. Obviously the Boston Red Sox swept the series 4 games to none! Lowell got his much deserved MVP award. I mean, come on, the guy stole 3rd in Game 3, had a homer in Game 4, hit beautifully the whole post season, and is an amazing player. Period. Oh, and I've decided that if I write to one of the Red Sox in order to find love and to get married and have him fund my college education, it's going to have to be Dustin Pedroia. He's not classically handsome, but I've seen him in interviews and he's definitely someone I could have a wonderful time with. Now, to start writing that letter...

2. Harvest Happening is tonight. I had several calls last night from people who had decided to make baked goods. We'll have cupcakes, cookies, muffins, dilly pretzels (my favorite), brownies, and all sorts of good stuff. I'm glad too, because on Sunday I was worried we'd have nothing, and now I think we'll probably have MORE than enough.

3. I have lots of help for H.H. now too: Sarah, Jay, Carson, Kayla, Dalene, Zach (Nikky's favorite), Joel, Mom, Cindy, not to mention Ally and Morgan if they can make it. :) We're going to be just fine.

4. It's a beautiful day.

Alright, enough of the lists. I just am excited that things are actually falling into a good place. :) The only bad thing is that I have no idea what kind of silly costume I can put together. I may just have to take my light up fairy wand with me and carry it around in my back pocket and tell small children I'm the tooth fairy or their fairy godmother in disguise. haha. Yeah, lame, I know, but it would totally work out. :)

May Halloween only bring you treats, and no tricks.

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nikkyrowell said...

Hahaha...this entry made me laugh. Im glad everything went well with HH. Thats a big relief, eh? Im also very glad you called today, it was at just the right time and allowed me to stop obsessing over myself for a few moments, so for that I cannot possibly thank you enough.
Have a wonderful evening.