Sunday, October 7, 2007

All You Need Is Love

Favorite things of this very moment (7:35 pm):
  • Good mix cds
  • Ohio State cups full of ice tea
  • That the Colts won this afternoon
  • Talking to Ben & Nate through IM
  • Going to lunch with Jeff & the incredible tall, handsome blond man...
  • Balcony seats for parades
  • Accomplishing anything
  • Having Monday off

This weekend has been lovely. I've had do deal with so many lousy things that honestly, having a weekend with no real responsibilities was been lovely. I didn't even work at the booth...I don't remember a time prior to now that I haven't worked there (well, outside my year at ABC). I needed some time.

Again, I have nothing brilliant to say. I wish I did.

Lunch today...glorious. Nothing but ludicrous comments, good food, and lots of laughs. *sigh* That could not have been better (well unless a certain boy had decided to confess his undying love for me, but that's the only real improvement we could have).

Patience is easily the most frustrating thing to have to learn, but I'm tough. God created me to be strong, but fragile, I am a woman, and though my life is hard at times, I really enjoy it. I just need to appreciate it and be willing to take risks when they need to be taken.

It can only get better.

1 comment:

nikkyrowell said...

Yeah, patience is sucktastic to learn. Especially when God seems to be getting a kick out of marrying off all your friends at the same time...even the very young friends. Ah well. Here's to our heterosexuality and deep love for boys preventing us from joined union because it seemed like everyone else was doing it.
yes. creepy.
Indeed. Undying love confessions. there should be more of those in our lives. how do we get those? is there a store where you can buy them? the undying love confession store, perhaps? no. boo.