Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Favorite things of this very moment (9:26 pm):
  • Walden by Henry David Thoreau
  • My flannel sheets
  • The little orange box that's flashing at the bottom of the screen telling me Ben's talking back
  • That Youklis and Ortiz just got home runs back to back
  • Shane checking up on me
  • That I had an 11% higher test score than the class average (57% was my score...yeah...bad)
  • Taylor Swift's self-titled cd
  • The. Sweetest. Mix. Ever. Vol. 2 (Compiled by J for J)

I need a nap and a good cry. I have to work tomorrow, I'm exhausted emotionally, talking to Kyle somehow just seemed to emphasize all the blah, but did (on the upside) remind me that I have wonderful friends. Bizarre, and wonderful.

I really am not a fan of days like this. I've been up and down, up and down. Maybe part of it was the excessive caffeine boost in the Java Monster followed by listening to lots of negative blah followed by talking to Shane followed by BLARING Taylor Swift and singing excessively off-key and loudly and practically crying for no reason followed by work followed by a lot of Thoreau followed by coming home followed by finishing making dinner followed by talking to Kyle followed by wanting to cry for no reason that's worthwhile and being picked on by my Uncles for cheering for the Red Sox (as I have since they were down 3 games in the Pennant in 2003 against the Yankees) followed by checking my email followed by talking to Ben.

I want a Boston Red Sox baseball cap (I'd even take a pink one), more warm milk, and memory foam slippers.

Good night.


nikkyrowell said...

Yeah. Definite ESP.
Kyle called me the other day too, and left a message...but sadly I have been unable to call him back...DAMN METAL BARS!!! UGH!! sorry...vent of frustration there. I need to email the Cheat and ask about maybe him sending me his Silent Powerpoint for tonights FUSION class, because I cant teach like I wanted to, and Stacey left me a voicemail yesterday saying she wont be there tonight. Lovely. Sometimes I hate things I love.
Life will get better though right? Yes. Yes it will. One day it will get better and it will stay good for longer than a day or so, and life will be lovely. I know it.
I love you immensely Jaymin,
Hope you're feeling better today.

nikkyrowell said...

Hahaha, the positives are great. Im so glad that you feel better today. I feel better as well. The sun is out, Im drinking a delicious glass of chocolate soy, I've spent the last several hours reading your letters and going through the things in the box you sent, I pick up my sister in 20 minutes from band practice, so I get to listen to the cd's you sent in the car, and then I get to begin reading...yes. Today is much lovelier.
Good luck with charming the tall blonde man tonight...muahahahaha....
miss yoU!