Saturday, October 8, 2011

Put Back the Moon, Demon Waif!

Favorite things of this very moment (11:11 am CST):
  • The Tick, Season 1 ("A terrified city cringes in its collective pajamas.")
  • Gin Wigmore, check out her voice
  • Cheesy pictures of myself and others
  • My new glasses
  • Feeling like an adult
Today I put a couple of checks in the mail.  Odd as it may sound, this was glorious.  I paid my phone bill, and I paid off the last of my bill from ABC.  I also sent a little money down to ABC to start paying for the coming semester.  It was just really phenomenal.  For once I feel a bit in control.  I'm excited to be moving forward. 

I guess I have become perpetually surprised by the places and things I have found happiness in recently. I mean, who gets excited about their phone bill?  I think I just needed to find a way to participate in my adulthood.  I mean, I work full-time and have a couple part-time jobs, but I live with my parents.  And even though Terrence gave me a great pep-talk recently about how this is going to become more and more common within my generation and beyond because people will find that it is more financially responsible and family still makes me feel like a bit of a failure to be 25 and living with my parents. 

But now I have bills to pay and bills paid off.  I am trying to budget more, save more, and actually participate in the creation and building of my future.  I want to be generous and alive and moving forward and hopeful.  I think in order to do that, I need to find more ways to open myself up and to actually save.  Use what I have, give what I don't need away, and figure out what is actually important to me.  What I actually want.  

Slowly but surely...I am gonna get there.

And I leave you with this parting with/thought: 
Yes, yes I wish it was.  Thank you Candy Chang for your brilliant ideas that end in such hilarious results at times.  :)

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