Sunday, October 30, 2011


Things I learned yesterday:
  • Jay was raised by centipedes
  • Beans, Books and Beliefs is a fantastic coffee house
  • Jay's songs sound even better live than they do on the recordings (so much talent in that one)
  • Applebee's half price appetizers after 9 is a wonderful deal
  • I now can recognize Barry Pepper.  He's in everything.  Honestly.
  •  A bowl of bacon is a glorious thing
  • (something that was simply reinforced) One way streets are of the devil
  • Shady guys smoking cigarettes will probably not be a real threat to you if you have your car doors locked
  • Having Heather with me when I get lost is hilarious
  • "Young Frankenstien" is even hilarious when you can't hear any of the words
  • My friend, Chris is, in theory, moving to Nashville in 2 weeks
  • Jay & Donna (not the same Jay as my tall best friend who was raised by centipedes and who is an amazing musician) are absolutely hilarious and wonderful to have dinner with
  • Bruce Campbell has a book called If Chins Could Kill (which Donna brought me this morning at church so that I could read it...glorious, glorious day)
  • Canadian football is the weirdest similar to American football, but so very different
  • A good commercial for light beer would point out that a person should drink light beer so they could save all the calories for when they eat bacon
  • Bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon
  • The idea that there are 6 degrees of seperation to Kevin Bacon should be replaced by 6 degrees of seperation to Father Jeremy (still weird to call him that...I mean, I met him at a friend's party my freshman year of college...ha)
  • Heather may have found a place to live in  Chicago
  • Having a watch makes me happy
  • Sometimes you really just want people to ask you the right questions
  • That I really need to figure out what is best for me
  • That Heather is a phenomenal friend (I knew this before, but it really was reinforced last night...I thank God for her every time I think of her)
  • You can carry a rosary in your pocket
  • My mom is the best and easiest person in the world to shop with
  • Pop fluff can be used as another name for pastachio fluff
  • Tennis shoes are lovely
  • Heather doesn't really like John Mayer
  • Having someone use one of your inside jokes from the stage and then sing a song you love is one of the coolest things ever
  • Jay is someone to be incredibly proud of
  • Bacon

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