Friday, October 22, 2010

Old Man

I keep seeing this old guy
on the side of the interstate
He holds up his sign

And says he'll do anything
for some money

I've see him twice
Each time I've been alone
And I wonder

What should I do
for this old man
sitting on the side of the road?

I have barely
enough money
to make it through a week

Do I give this to him?
Do I bring him what food I have?
Do I just keep praying?

I do pray
Each time I see him
But that can't be enough

And now
I find myself thinking about him
more and more and more

I know
that if I see him again
I need to do something

Action must be taken
help must be given
The love of God must be shown


ALEX said...

HEY, great job doing poetry. I try and fail horribly every time.

Jaymin said...

Thanks, Alex.

Honestly though, I think your blog posts are poetry. The style with which you right is incredible. I wish I could write like that.