Saturday, October 16, 2010

Brighter Than a Dream

(Above picture taken by Brandon Clark with his iPhone...amazing)

Let me go
and as I walk away,
please don't cry

You think this is forever
but the world is too small
to hide me from you

Sooner than you think
I'll be back
brighter than a dream

The fear is overwhelming
but this burning strength,
it's stronger than I can bear

There's no time to argue
Only time to change
I've got to go

One day soon
I'll fight my way
back to your arms

When the rubble clears
and time stretches on forever
you'll find me here

By your side forever
and never again will you worry
because you'll have my hand forever

And my heart,
though it's always been yours
will always be close enough for you

to touch and hold
These thoughts will protect me
And they'll bring me back to you

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