Thursday, May 7, 2009

Moments in my Day

Favorite things of this very moment (11:33 am CST):
  • Sunshine and just the right amount of wind that moves and brushes over everything making you feel warm, but never hot
  • Knowing that Rockstar is $0.99 at Super-Valu
  • Planning to go have lunch with Kimmieboo, Jessie, and Dan
  • Knowing that Dustin has been warned that I'll hang him upside down and throw rocks at him if I have to, so he has no excuses
  • Getting to talk to old friends
  • iTunes
  • "The Italian Job" on DVD (the original with Michael Caine)
  • Virtually anything Dave Barry says...he just makes me smile
  • "Paid to Get Excited" by Butch Walker

Today is one of those days were you should spend all of it outside in the sunshine so that your skin gets a shade darker, your hair gets a bit golder, and you feel like you've gotten enough vitamin D to last you through the next patch of clouds and rain, but instead you find yourself inside blasting Taylor Swift off your home computer while you check your email, facebook, and write in your blog. Strange...

What does it mean, exactly, when you find yourself wanting to write poems to someone's hands? Not because you're particularly fond of this person's hands...well maybe you are, but more because they seem to dislike them so much.

Oh who knows.

I'm doing a horrible job, by the way, of sticking to any promise I make. The only promise I seem to be able to keep is avoiding sex, which isn't hard considering there's no one interested in me and there's no one I'm interested, so there's not as much challenge in that as most other things. Is that a horrible thing to say? Ugh.

All I'm saying is that although today is perfect, I'm still not able to look at myself and go, alright, we're doing this.

I need to find something to truly work towards. Something that will actually make me WANT this. Beyond worry that I'll never get to have my own kids.

Ugh, seriously, I have a million good reasons, why does this seem so hard? Probably because it's actually a real challenge, and I'm a bit of a weenie. Go figure.

Well, in the words I've found myself uttering a million times to so many different people and situations, man up.

Let's do this. :)

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