Thursday, May 21, 2009


Favorite Things of this very Moment (10:05 am CST):
  • Rockstar Roasted Coffee & Energy: light vanilla
  • "Second Hand Lions" on DVD
  • Sunshine & perfect temperatures
  • Black tank tops
  • Dark, glossy, vampirical nail polish...ha.
  • Happy cats enjoying the sunshine and weather right along with me
  • Being 23
  • Giraffe's
  • Michael Caine's questionable southern accent (it's alright, but it wavers)

Yesterday was my 23 birthday. I have a policy with birthdays. It's a self-preservation policy. I don't make a big deal about my birthday. In fact I try to have virtually no expectations for it. As sad as it may sound, I firmly believe that they less I expect, the better the day will be. I don't like being the center of attention, but it's painful to be forgotten.

It was a beautiful day. I was incredibly lazy. I went and picked up breakfast and went to visit Mom. I made the crust for my birthday pie (I like being a little unconventional), used the peanut butter cookie dough Mom & I picked up to make some cookies, and made wonderful sun tea. Mmm...

Kayla stopped by yesterday and brought me some completely beautiful flowers. They smell wonderful. Few things in life are sweeter than the simple pleasure of being given flowers. I don't know why this is...but it makes you feel good.

Dan came by to talk and brought me a Rockstar. It's quite tasty. I'm enjoying it right now. Mmm...

I even came home to eat Zucchini pie (is there anything better?) and then for dessert a delicious piece of peanut butter pie (Nik, I'm putting that recipe in your notebook shortly).

The only damper on the day? David wasn't home at all yesterday night. At least not after I came home from work. Apparently he'd forgotten it was my birthday until Mom mentioned it at supper and he felt bad. I don't care if he got me a gift, that's not an issue, but I did miss having him around to have pie with. Is it silly that this made me so sad? Having Mom, Dad, Dave, and the boys around is really the only part of my birthday I ever count on. Simple as it is, having them all around to have dessert with is really my favorite part.

*sigh* Whatever, I guess.

Then again, talking to Nikky last night really made up for it in spades. Getting to talk to your best friend is truly a wonderful thing. Of course, it really didn't hurt that she had the fantastic Sham-Wow story for me. Did you know the Sham-Wow guy was recently put in prison for assault? He was repeatedly punching a prostitute because she wouldn't let go of his tongue...come on...seriously? Wow. But honestly, I adore Nikky, and talking to her made the day end perfectly.

Honestly, my birthday was lovely. Nothing fancy and overblown, but the people I love love me. For this I am grateful.

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