Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ann Arbor, MI

This will sound random, well, because it is more than anything else, random, but, never the less, I think if Nikky and I weren't moving to SC, we should move to Ann Arbor, MI. Now, my reason is a serious bit shallow, but I'm going to go with it: Borders 1 is there. Now, let's think about this a bit. If Borders 1 is in Ann Arbor, this means that whenever they do musicians or promote new books or movies, that's where they are. Borders 1 is the reason I knew who Paolo Nuatini was initially. I just finished watching a clip of when Wes Anderson and Jason Schwartzman were there promoting "The Darjeeling Limited," and all I could think was how incredible it would be to live in a place where you would actually get to see amazing musical acts and celebrities on a regular basis...just by being in a bookstore. Wow. Mind blowing a little bit.

Alright. That's really all I wanted to say.

Oh, that and I have cousins that live in Ann Arbor and my Aunt Maxine taught at a college there...that couldn't hurt.

Just a ponderable thought.

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