Thursday, April 3, 2008

Mr. Willoughby and Other Items of the Day

Favorite things of this very moment (4:51 pm CST):
  • That I will be done with work in 9 minutes
  • That I realized Nikky had recently written some brilliance in her blog that I thoroughly enjoyed
  • Eldest by Christopher Paolini (it's distracting me for the moment, and so worth it too)
  • Peppermint tea
  • Jeff calling which seems so...weird...and brilliantly timed...(I think the irony of this is what really was my favorite...not necessarily anything else...heh)
  • Getting a package in the mail from Heather today. Woohoo new mixes and some chocolate! We are back in business!
  • Mr. Willoughby

As Nikky so brilliantly says, "I am so the opposite of smooth." Ah yes, so am I. So am I. Geez and Ugh. am I. Let me explain:

I talked to Mr. Willoughby again today in my Computer class. He sat down next to me because of a project we were all working on that had us moving all the time. When he was done, he looked over and asked if all he had to do was close it out on the computer. And me, being completely incapable of taking talking and processing information because of the glorious beauty of his entire being (that and he has one of those voices that just is smoother than silk and you wish you could listen to him talk for forever because it's so perfect) that all I could manage was something incredibly lame and weak like, "yess..." I don't think I even completely looked at him or smiled. You know, like you should do when you talk to attractive men because they, apparently, find it attractive when you say actual words of some kind in their direction as well as being friendly. Uh. I am such an idiot. And he is so incredibly beautiful. If only I was majoring in photography and could convince him I needed to take a picture of him. *sigh* But I am not creative enough to do this. Kind of like that whole Shane thing, but let's just skip that...


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nikkyrowell said...

Well my dear, that was pretty smooth...its so not fair, those people who just excel under pressure, who make it do we get some of that? Are there genes for it that we are missing? boo. I do love that you call him mr. willoughby...hahahaha...thats just wonderful.